It's time to ditch the hustle & step into boss mode as a full-time entrepreneur.

I see you, side-hustler...

Working yourself into the ground, 7 days a week, trying to manage a day job, make time for family, get a little "me-time" and squeeze in a little work on your side-hustle.

You started your side-hustle with hopes to one day turn it into your full-time business, but right now, you just can't see it happening.

You're fed up working your ass off for someone else with no recognition and no reward; worrying that one day you'll hit a wall & won't be able to get back up again.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

What if I told you that you can have what your 9-5 will ever be able to give you; financial, creative & time FREEDOM.

What if I told you that you can make an income that actually pays what you're worth, and SO MUCH more.

Because you can.

Introducing The Becoming Boss Society

The Becoming Boss Society is the membership to join if you're ready to quit your day job, ditch the 9-5 & become a full-time BOSS in a business that sets your soul on fire!

Inside the membership you'll get instant access to the 4-Step Freedom Framework which is my signature framework that you'll follow to *finally* take your side-hustle full-time, no doubt about it.

You'll learn the key pillars to success (yessss!) & get access to monthly masterclasses/courses, monthly hot seats, a supportive Facebook community, accountability partners, member exclusives & the ongoing guidance you need to grow a full-time business.

What a mouthful.​​

I created The Becoming Boss Society because I know how damn hard it is to get up every. single. day & go to a job that doesn't light your soul on fire.

And that is why this entire membership exists; to help you uncover your true talents, break through those barriers holding you back & turn you into the full-time BOSS you're destined to be!

Ready to step into full-time entrepreneurship?!

Before coming across Elley and The Becoming Boss Society I was craving community, accountability and advice for my next steps in business. 

Now I have found all that and more in both Elley and The Becoming Boss Society.


Within the first month of joining the membership, the framework and teachings enabled me to create business goals, work on a marketing plan, put together an opt-in and finally work out the behind the scenes of my business. 

 If anyone was considering working with Elley, I’d say 100% go for it!

- Hannah, Virtual Assistant for Creatives

Elley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to having a successful business.

Her courses are always jam packed full of great tips that are easy to understand, and are geared towards results.

I have been able to tackle perfectionism head-on in my business in order to get sh*t done, saved heaps of time with the BAE rule, and made some great new connections. 

Thanks so much Elley!

- Marielle, Designer & Brand Strategist

What's included in the society;

Take a peek behind the curtains & see what's waiting for you inside...

Access to the 4-Step Freedom Framework

Live & breathe my signature 4-step framework to take you from a side-hustler to a full-time BOSS.

Monthly Themes & Content Topics

A new theme every month? Yes please! Focusing on grow your side-hustle into a full-time biz has never been easier.

Monthly Courses & Masterclasses

Learn what it *really* takes to grow a profitable biz & hear from guest experts who know what they're on about!

Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls

Every month I'll be going live with everyone to coach you all through whatever is showing up for you in business at that moment!

The Supportive Facebook Community

Need somewhere to rage about your day job, a shoulder to cry on or a tribe of ladies who've got your back, no matter what? The Facebook Community is our one-stop hub for all things BBS.

Member Hot Seats

Want to know exactly where you're going wrong, get a kick in the butt & create a strategy to turn it all around & grow even faster?! Jump in the hot seat with me for some live FREE 1:1 coaching!

Access to all of the Member Exclusives

Get access to massive savings on 1:1 coaching/strategy sessions & exclusive stock photo sets, swipe files, social media templates, content calendars & more!

Accountability Partners

Need a little push to get things done in your business? Pair up with other side-hustlers & hold each other accountable, keep on track with goals & ultimately, GET SH*T DONE!

Hey girl, I'm Elley!

Your resident Business & Mindset Coach over here at The Becoming Boss Society.

And before we dive into your side-hustling to full-timing journey, allow me to be honest with you for a second.

>>> I haven't always had my sh*t together.

Just a few years ago I was working my ass off for employers who expected 110% effort from me yet paid me 50% of what I deserved.

And the truth is... I was extremely unhappy in most areas of my life.

I cried before work, I cried at work & I cried after work, and eventually, after being made redundant, my anxiety & depression went into overdrive.

So, just like you, I decided that working my ass off for someone else for the rest of my life just wasn't good enough. 

I decided that no longer would I put my health at risk & my dream of being my own boss on the backburner...

And then at the age of 23, I quit my day job, left the corporate world & become a full-time entrepreneur.

The Becoming Boss Society | A community-based membership for female entrepreneurs ready to ditch the 9-5 and take their side-hustle to the next level. If you're ready to quit your job to work from home and step into boss mode, join The Becoming Boss Society today & step up already girl! |

Before joining The Becoming Boss Society I was being called to start turning my side-hustle into something more, but I didn't know where to begin.

The number of groups and coaching I came across online was so overwhelming. When I stumbled across Elley I felt like she was genuine and personable—and I was right.

Knowing I have a group of others going through this same journey makes the whole process a lot less intimidating. It's motivated me to get serious about tackling my business and makes it feel possible.

- Ashley, Designer & Artist

Just a lil' peek at what's already inside waiting for you;

Elley is an absolute gem to work with! You can tell that she is 1000% passionate about what she’s doing and helping her clients find success.

The work she puts out is seriously amazing and jam-packed with all sorts of goodness!

Elley has done a fantastic job of building a strong community around her membership, all about helping each other and connecting!

I would definitely recommend Elley to any female, rising entrepreneurs who want to take their online business to the next level!

- Sierra, Happiness Coach

It's time to *finally* step up as a leader, ignite that fire in your belly & go full-time in your business.

The membership is for you if...

You're ready to take physical and mental action.

You are prepared to work through all the sh*t holding you back & take inspired action to craft a killer strategy to actually quit your day job & go full-time, all in less than 12 months!

You thrive when you're surrounding by high-vibe ladies, just like you.

You know exactly how important community is in the online space, especially when you're a side-hustler. And, quite frankly you just can't wait to soak up #allthesupport from ladies like you! Plus, you know that going it alone totally sucks. Friends are for lyf.

You won't stop at anything to become your own boss, like, NOW.

You're dreaming about it on the daily & it's really all you can think about right now; telling your boss you're done, having unlimited income, working whenever you want (hello midday naps); and there is nothing you won't do to make this happen!

The membership is NOT for you if...

You aren't prepared to put in the work.

You're just after a one-line answer to all of your problems and aren't at all willing to put into action the strategies & techniques taught inside The Becoming Boss Society.

You have your sh*t together & are confident to go it alone.

If you think you don't need anyone to hold you accountable to get sh*t done, can give yourself constructive criticism no probs and prefer to figure everything out for yourself from scratch, then this ain't the place for you.

You're fine with taking the longer journey & don't want this right now.

If you don't mind working the 9-5 & have no real desire or urge to want to become your own boss like, RIGHT NOW, then that's okay. The Becoming Boss Society was created to fast-track your journey to full-time entrepreneurship so it's probably not the best fit for you if you don't have the urge to go for it yet.

The Becoming Boss Society has been such a shining light in my life. After jumping into the content the first day I gained so much clarity with my true purpose around my business.

Day by day, having such a supportive and high vibe community of women to turn to makes me so happy and confident in my journey.

Elley, you’re truly one in a million & I’m overjoyed to have finally found someone to learn from that speaks my language. Because of you I’ve got renewed inspiration, direction and a clear cut plan for where I’m headed with my business. ✨

- Hannah, Confidence Coach

I have Elley to thank for being a constant source of inspiration just by being who she is and putting that out there day after day!

Elley is doing such amazing things with her business since going full-time, and following her journey is an inspiration in itself.

She is the sweetest person, and her joy and love for life are so contagious. 

- Katie, Money Management Coach

Katie from The Lazy Source
Sheila from In Search of Sheila

If you're on a mission to turn your side-hustle into a full-time biz like me, then Elley is your GIRL!

Elley has the blueprint AND kick in the butt attitude you need to become the full-time girl boss you want to be.

Plus, her energy will make you feel so empowered & motivated to crush your goals quicker than you ever imagined!

- Sheila, Purpose Coach

The inside scoop;

Because I know you're dying to know more!


The 4-Step Freedom Framework

Inside my signature framework (so fancy, right?!), you'll learn the four crucial steps to growing a profitable side-hustle & turning it into a full-time business! From the very beginning, to preparing to quit, making money & all the bits in between - the 4-Step Freedom Framework covers it all. And did I mention that the more you follow the framework, the quicker you'll quit your day job? Yup, that too.


Monthly Themes + Content Topics

Overwhelm, shmoverwhelm. Keeping you on track with your goals & keep you FOCUSED at all times is my #1 priority, so each month we'll be working on ONE theme at a time & giving you courses, masterclasses, Q&A's + extra content on that month's topic.


Monthly Courses + Masterclasses

Growing your side-hustle into a full-blown successful business isn't as simple as A-B-C (but it'd be nice, right?!) Each month you'll learn a trick or two about business, for example; social media trainings, getting clients/making sales, reframing your mindset, digital products n' loads more!


Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls

Do you have one-million-and-ten questions in your head at all times? Me too. Once or twice a month I'll be jumping on live video to answer all your burning questions; whether they're related to that month's theme or not, ya girl's got you covered. Pen + paper essential - notes will be taken.


A Supportive Community

You want community? Girl, I got you. Our super dooper fun, super dooper supportive & super dooper *private* Facebook community is your go-to place to ask questions, vent, rant (about your day job, because, duh) and just hang out with a bunch of you-beaut ladies like you.


Monthly Hot Seats

Do you need a kick up the butt from time to time? Need someone to tell you how it is like it is? Then girl, you need'a hot seat! Jumping on a live call with me (+ other members), we'll assess your current strategy & rejig it to get you back on track to SMASH your goals. Oh and quit your day job.


Member Exclusives

So, because I heard you like freebies, I've got #allthefreebies. Inside the member exclusive area you'll find loads of helpful FREE resources & huge savings on 1:1 coaching/strategy sessions that aren't available anywhere else.Think exclusive stock photo sets, swipe files, social media templates, content calendars & more!


Accountability Partners

There's nothing more needed (and quite frankly satisfying) than having other ladies in the same position as you to keep you in check. With an accountability partner (or group) you'll stay on track with your goals, get sh*t done & be a total boss - no more "too tired" or "I just need Netflix n' chill time" excuses now girl! Let's make this thing happen!

Get *instant access* to $3000+ worth of high-vibe business trainings.

You're just seconds away from learning everything you need to know to grow your side-hustle into a full-time business!

I find Elley is extremely hands on with The Becoming Boss Society.

She literally has a solution for everything, and it's good to get the point of view from an outsider because when you're 'in' your business too much, you can't see it. 

She's supportive and encouraging and you can't ask for more.

The Becoming Boss Society is a great monthly investment for me personally, because running a business can be tight. But I'm part of a community! 

- Emma, Founder of Canvast Co

The way I see it, you have two choices;

You continue slogging away at your 9-5, keep burning the candle at both ends & hope that "one day" things will work out in your favour.

You can decide that working your ass off for someone else for the rest of your life just isn't good enough & start your journey to total freedom today.

Got questions?

I've got the answers.

Will the society be good for me if I'm in an MLM or sell other people's products?

What type of courses will be inside the society?

What type of support can I expect from *you* or will you just disappear once I'm inside?

How will this membership *actually* help me quit my day job?

Can't I just find all of the information on this stuff online?

What about if I've just recently left my day job? Is there any point in me joining?

What if the society doesn't end up being what I hoped for & I want to cancel?

Choose your plan, get *instant access* - It's that easy.

  • The 4-Step Freedom Framework
  • Monthly Themes
  • Monthly Courses/Masterclasses
  • Monthly Live Q&A's
  • Monthly Hot Seats
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Partners
  • Member Exclusives

$41 AUD / month

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